Cameron Set To Score The Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic Tale

Cameron has signed on to score Fabled Motion Pictures' next feature film The Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic Tale. Based on a script by Come Morning writer/director Derrick Sims and producer Alaina Sims, The Perfect Host is a gothic horror feature set deep in south Arkansas. 

    "When a lonely, young woman returns to Lake Village to bury her grandmother, she resorts to staying with a woman who claims to be a friend of her late grandmother."

    "There is something strange about the old people but even stranger about their home, the old and infamous Allen House. As the young woman’s time there draws on, she slowly unearths the depths of horror that befall the house and its dwellers."

The Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic Tale has recently wrapped production and is currently in post production in New Zealand. Visit and the film’s Facebook, Instagram, and IMDb pages for updates.

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